Apple MacBook Air

Advanced technology from the iPad

apple macbook airA truly mobile device needs to be light, thin and strong enough to take with you wherever you go. It also needs to perform quickly, spring to life instantly and have enough battery power to keep up with you. It should have no spinning hard drive, no optical drive and no unnecessary parts. All of that is true of

Apple iPad

. And now, it’s true of Apple’s most mobile notebook ever.

Out of the box flash storage

Apple MacBook Air

continues its legacy of firsts with something entirely new for any Mac: flash storage. Standard. In fact, the new MacBook Air is designed completely around flash storage. But in a totally different way. Typically, flash storage is housed in a package that’s the same size as a conventional hard drive. Yet the flash chips themselves occupy a very small portion of that housing. Getting rid of the hard drive enclosure and using only the parts that matter — the actual flash chips — frees up about 90 percent more space. And just like that, there’s room for other important things, like a bigger battery. Now you have a notebook that weighs practically nothing and runs for hours on a single charge. That’s mobility mastered.

Multi-touch on a note book

No one knows Multi-Touch technology better than Apple. Introduced with the very first iPhone and taken even further with iPad, Multi-Touch is now part of practically every Apple device. It’s simply the best and most personal way to interact with your software. And the optimal way to experience Multi-Touch on a notebook is through a trackpad. That’s precisely the case with MacBook Air. Now you can perform more gestures than you have fingers on a roomier, all-glass surface that’s smooth to the touch.

An incredible battery

If you looked inside MacBook Air, you’d see something remarkable: how much space we devoted to the battery. Apple engineers were able to fit all the computer components on one of our smallest logic boards ever. Removing the flash storage enclosure and placing the flash chips on the logic board freed up even more room. And voila: space for a bigger battery. So you can get up to 5 hours of battery life on the 11-inch MacBook Air and up to 7 hours on the 13-inch model. And when you put MacBook Air to sleep for more than an hour, it enters what’s called standby mode. So you can come back to MacBook Air a day, a week — even up to an entire month later — and it wakes in an instant. Time is on your side, courtesy of MacBook Air.

Unibody unison

When MacBook Air first debuted, it was groundbreaking in many ways. Chief among them was the precision unibody enclosure. Now that same engineering process comes to the MacBook Air display. Just like the main enclosure, the display housing is crafted from a single piece of aluminium, with all the structural elements machined directly into it. Total unibody construction means a less complex design with fewer parts. That makes MacBook Air exceptionally thin and light, yet still durable enough to handle the rigours of everyday use.

Powerful NVIDIA graphics

The new MacBook Air features the fastest integrated graphics on the market. The NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor with 48 processing cores boasts a performance gain of up to 100 percent over the previous-generation MacBook Air. That makes a huge difference when you’re firing up graphics-intensive applications or playing 3D games like EVE or Call of Duty 4. Speaking of huge, connect a 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display to MacBook Air and marvel at how the NVIDIA GeForce 320M drives almost four million pixels of eye-popping colour onscreen.

Fast Intel processors

It may be hard to believe that a computer so slim is capable of keeping up with your everyday tasks. But this one is. With an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 3MB of shared L2 cache (6MB on the 13-inch model), MacBook Air runs your applications smoothly and efficiently. So you can do everything you normally use a computer for. Touch up your photos, edit home movies, create presentations, send email, play games and all the other little (and big) tasks in between. On a notebook that weighs less than a Sunday paper.

Energy Efficiency

MacBook Air is designed to be energy efficient right out of the box. It’s even earned the EPA’s ENERGY STAR qualification for its low power consumption.

Eliminating Toxic Substances

It’s what MacBook Air doesn’t have that makes it more environmentally friendly. It’s free of many harmful toxins like mercury, arsenic, BFRs and PVC.


Because MacBook Air is made from aluminium, it’s more likely to be recycled and reused at the end of its long, productive life.